Create a Project

A project helps organize your artwork into distinct groupings
After logging into the Layerr App for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a project. Each "Project" can have multiple collections, and each of those collections can have multiple pieces of art. A project will help you organize your collections and their related tokens. The project name has to be unique and cannot be used if already used by other artists.
Here at Layerr, we build with the future in mind. Currently, the project name is only visible to you, but we may incorporate the project name in the future on our gallery for filtering, to help collectors find your art more easily.
Project Name Examples:
Example 1: I'm a digital photographer that does cityscape and street photography. I'm going to create two separate projects, one called "Joes Street Photography" and another called "Joes Cityscapes" to keep my work organized into their respective projects. Example 2: I'm a digital artist and have been progressing over-time. I'm going to make a project for my 2023 artwork, and add all my collections and tokens here for the year. Next year, I can make another project related to the respective year so that I don't have to sort through my past work!

Viewing your Projects

Projects appear in a list on your dashboard, with the first project listed always being the most recent. If you have over three projects, you can click 'view all' in the dashboard to go to the 'projects' tab.
Location of 'View All' button on dashboard
Projects overview screen
If this is your first project, you are prompted to 'create a collection' right within the project card as seen above. Click 'create collection' to get started on creating a collection!