Publish Mint Page

Once you have created a token, you can go to the art studio and select "View Artworks" to view the token you have created. Inside the artwork card, select "Publish" to officially publish your mint site!
After creating a token, click the button "Publish" Button. This will reveal the "View Mint Page" button which you can click to see your published mint page!
Clicking on the three-dot menu allows you to access the details of your artwork. Here, you can modify the name and description as long as it has not been minted yet. You are also provided with the option to mint the artwork to anyone free of charge, except for minor processing fees like gas charges.
Mint modal
Should you decide to mint an ERC721, also known as "1 of 1", to your wallet address from this popup, it signifies the NFT's creation, and the max supply limit is achieved. On the other hand, minting an ERC1155 enables you to define the quantity, constrained only by the maximum supply predetermined during the artwork's creation.