Mint Conditions (optional)

You can use the advanced options within the Mint Conditions form to limit the people your art is available to by specifying their wallet addresses. This group of wallet addresses that are allowed to mint your artwork is called an "Allow List".

There are three ways you can add addresses to this allow list.

  1. Upload Wallet Address CSV File

  2. Manually Add Wallet Addresses

  3. Contract Snapshot

All three are very popular ways to create allow lists, so let's dive in to each:

Uploading Wallet Addresses using CSV File

If you used a third party app or form to create an allow list, it's common for them to provide the finalized list in a csv file format, like this:

Drag and drop the csv file, formatted like the one above with your list of addresses starting in the first column, second row, into the file upload area

When the upload is succesfully, you will be receive a success message at the bottom right hand of the screen.

Manually Add Wallet Address

You can also manually add wallet addresses, one by one:

Contract Address Snapshot

Contact Snapshots are also widely used to generate a list of wallet addresses used for allowlists, but there are usually third party services for this. Fortunately, you can perform a snapshot right in the app to generate a list of holders of NFTs from a collection of your choice.

What's a snapshot?

A contract snapshot, represents a freeze-frame or capture of all the addresses that hold a specific NFT or are part of an NFT project at a particular moment in blockchain history. This snapshot can be taken at a specific block height or date/time.

You can use a contract snapshot to generate a list of wallet addresses who hold NFTs from a contract of your choice to give them exclusive access to your new token. By using a snapshot, we can verify which addresses have the NFTs from the contract of your choice at the time of the snapshot, and grant them exclusive access.

Verify the allow list you've generated by clicking 'View Allow List'.

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